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A six-part docu-drama that follows Piero and his family as he tries to fill his fatherís construction shoes running the multi-million dollar family business, Valentini Kitchen and Bath. Airs Saturdays at 9:30pm/et and Sundays at 6pm/et on TLN.

More than thirty years ago, Pieroís father came to Canada and started Valentini Kitchen and Bath. Today the company is worth millions. Now, Dad wants to retire to take up a new hobby: building houses. But heís not about to just hand over the reigns. Instead, heís given his son three months to prove heís got what it takes to run the family business

Piero's determined to take Valentini Kitchen and Bath, to the next level. His blueprint for success depends on landing bigger jobs with bigger budgets and remodeling the business' lackluster showroom. But Piero can't build the family business alone. He's counting on his brother Marco. Having recently left his job in car sales to run Valentini's showroom, Marco's got the "sales force" to turn the neglected showroom into a booming retail outlet. Except Marco's still more interested in cars than toilets...

TLN Building Family's Boss; Piero - Valentini Kitchens and BathAnd then thereís Pieroís wife, Olivia, whoís just graduated from design school. Pieroís certain Oliviaís individual flare and opulent style will wow Valentiniís clients. And if Piero can convince her to join up, he may just be right.

Building Family follows newbie boss, Piero, as he tries to fill his dadís shoes running the family business. Heís counting on his wife and brother to help because when it comes to business, Pieroís greatest asset is his family. Itís also his greatest challenge.

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